Infra-Red Heating Panel Details

Welltherm’s Infra-Red heaters delivers the warmth of the sun into your home.

The invisible and soothing waves of our infrared heaters are similar to the sunlight, which are absorbed by solid objects and released as heat into the room. This creates an even more comfortable temperature with optimum conditions for a healthy indoor climate.

As the room temperature seems warmer with infrared heaters by 3 to 4 ° C, you can set the thermostat of our infrared heater a few degrees lower than your conventional heating system and still have a nice warm home. You can customize the front face of the panel according to your taste making it undetectable since it adapts to the interior design of any room. You can have a mirror as the panel’s front face for your bathroom and the image of your preference for the living room – There are no boundaries in your imagination.

Appearance and functionality beyond any standards.

The functional design is the outstanding feature of Welltherm’s infrared heating panels. It integrates into any living environment and emphasizes your taste in interior design. Our heating systems combine all the positive characteristics of the infrared heating technology combined with elegance and your personal touch. Welltherm radiators enable cost-effective heating into a soothing, elegant and comfortable living room.

All operating and mounting elements which might interfere with the uniform appearance of the heating panel, are mounted at the back of the panel and the panel remains easy and comfortable to use. We would also be happy to calculate which heater sizes fit your individual needs.

Welltherm – much more than just wall heaters.

You decide for yourself whether you use your infrared wall heater as a decorative element or you want to discreetly integrate it into your interior design. In addition to the panel’s design features, the heating is unbeatable. Welltherm’s heating panels work with electricity and they have distinctive advantages compared to conventional radiators by using energy in an extremely efficient way.

Welltherm wall heaters reach a uniform surface temperature of up to 125 ° C thanks to its infrared technique and thus the heat is distributed evenly throughout the space, even in large rooms.

The high thermal capacity (up to 230 ° C) and longevity of the heat source can offer significant advantages over frequently used carbon or polyester heaters.

Low purchase price.
In combination with reduced energy consumption.

Easy installation and handling.
It can be installed and used in just in a few minutes. Also if you are moving to a new house is very simple to take it with you!

Small footprint.
Non-Pollutant and no CO2 emissions (with eco-current).

Low consumption.
Compared to other heating solutions and it may reduce your monthly cost by up to 60%. Running costs of a 600mm x600mm panel is 25p/8 hours use!

It is extremely fast.
You will be able to feel the warmth within the first 10 minutes!

Excellent support.
Five year guarantee but if something goes wrong with your panel we will replace it for free!

No maintenance costs.
There is nothing else except electricity that your panel needs, in order to keep working in full capacity.

You can create a panel, which matches your taste and fits perfectly in your living or working area.

Comfortable indoor climate.
It is excellent for people with allergies and it keeps the walls mold-free.