Bio Adaptive Lighting

Bio-adaptive Lighting

The principle of bio-adaptive lighting is to provide artificial light controlled in such a way as to match the needs of human biological cycles, or circadian rhythms, in the most effective and appropriate way. It provides for improved health and wellbeing and supports aspects of human behaviour that benefit from varied and changeable lighting.

amBX have harnessed this in a single Circadian Light-Scene, lasting some 24hours.


Understanding of the impact of light on human behaviour has advanced rapidly at the same time as lighting technology has undergone a major evolution with the advent of LED lighting. It is now possible to use the principles of bio-adaptive lighting easily and cost-effectively in the workplace, at home and especially in sensitive environments such as schools and healthcare environments.

A universal requirement for effective use of lighting in these areas is intelligent lighting control and especially easy-to-use interfaces for operators and individuals. That’s where amBX delivers a powerful and flexible control system that enables the positoive benefits of lighting to be used in practical ways and for huge benefits.

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