amBX Control

Full control in your hands!

The unique amBX technology allows for new levels of user interface design with the capability to make complex and difficult-to-use lighting control a thing of the past. Controls are delivered as touchscreen apps for PC’s, smartphones and tablet PCs with a Master Control system resident on the system server. The apps can be configured for the venue and customised to the Light-Scenes required in each space. For example, some clients prefer to limit the control from one app to a single space, whereas others prefer multiple spaces to be controllable from within a single app.

The system is flexible enough to suit all projects and can be fully customised for special requirements.

Designed to control whole projects but also for easy integration

amBX Light-Scene Engine can manage complete lighting control over any installation from a few fixtures to thousands of lights. Its unique architecture allows it to manage up to 32 spaces with up to 27 independent zones within each space, so a total of 864 zones and with any number of lights within each zone. amBX Light-Scene Engine is designed for connection to other systems and devices which have a role to play in the management of lighting in the building or project, for example sensors for presence detection or daylight measurement and also automation and building control systems. Light-Scene Engine has an http IP protocol which is available for installers and integrators and can also be used for managing and configuring bespoke requirements, which makes it widely compatible with other third party systems and devices such as the recent creations of AMX, Control4, Crestron, DemoPad, Lutron Homeworks QS, Savant control modules, SLS bespoke apps. Coming soon (October 2016), integration to Amazon Echo for voice recognition control of scene selection.

Light-Scene Manager – the complete set up and management tool for Light-Scene Engine

The Light-Scene Manager software is used during the installation of Light-Scene Engine and for in-life management of the installation over any changes or updates required.  Its main functions are:

Fixture Setup: rapid configuration of the spaces, zones and locations for all the lighting fixtures in the installation

Light-Scene Setup: selection of all the Light-Scenes required for the project.

Schedule: setup a timed schedule for Light-Scenes for each area

Settings: brightness and saturation settings

Light-Scene Manager can be used for remote setup of Light-Scene Engine over a web-connected network