amBX Light-Scenes

amBX Light-Scenes simplify complex lighting control


Light-Scenes are collections of settings and parameters for determining exactly the right lighting experience required. From simple static lighting to the most dynamic and interactive experience, an amBX Light-Scene ensures consistency of experience in every amBX controlled installation. Light-Scenes manage the colour, location, movement, brightness and all dynamic aspects of lighting. They can be pre-defined or they can change dynamically in response to external triggers such as sensors, audio or video input and also from controls within the amBX apps. In this way Light-Scenes deliver powerful and comprehensive control yet are very easy and flexible to use, and there’s no programming required. Bespoke Light-Scenes can be created for projects.

Download amBX Light Scenes here

Ambient Light-Scenes manage the lighting in each space and any requirements for colour, colour changing, movement, direction and brightness.

Audio Light-Scenes react dynamically and in real time to sound input, such as music, to turn the whole space into the experience

Video Light-Scenes react in real time to any video image to extend the experience beyond the screen, adding impact and immersion.

amBX Light-Scene Engine has a standard capability to run any one of twenty four chosen Light-Scenes in each individul space within an installation. Many differing Light-Scenes are available from the Light-Scene library on the amBX website and can also be designed to bespoke requirements.

Popular ambient Light-Scenes are as follows: Fireflies, Fire, Halogen, Candlelight, Sunrise, Sunset, Morning Sun, Afternoon Sun, Sunset, Houselights.

Popular Audio to Light-Scenes are as follows: Disco, Romance, RnB, Swing, Salsa, Audio Slices.

Popular Video to Light-Scenes are as follows: Dynamic, Film, Film Magic, Movie Magic, Gaming.