6mm Textured Glass

6mm Textured Glass for splashbacks and wall coverings

Fitting perfectly into any interior design project be that residential, commercial, hospitality etc in either classic or contemporary settings by adding texture, depth and intrigue.

We offer three options of textured 6mm glass: Dapple; Ripple and Mirage. The solution is water and heat resistant whilst also being extremely tough & durable, therefore perfect as splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms. It is also perfect for the rear surface of bars; modesty panels to kitchen or bar islands; decorative features; niches and shower walls etc.

Texture is the visual characteristic and tactile quality of the glass surface as a work of art. Offering a Three Dimensional aspect, the complete composition is brought to life with a range of beautiful metallic colours, professionally painted to the smooth (rear) side of the textured glass.      

Allowing the visual and tactile texture of the glass to be effected through the way that light and movement is viewed and felt, showing the tones and shades of a particular colour and texture.

A metallic colour is a colour that appears to be that of a polished metal. The visual sensation usually associated with metal is its glossy metallic shine.

The high gloss glass can be painted in any RAL colour with a metallic element added to create class and opulence, allowing the texture to shine through. The glass would be CNC cut to size and shape, with socket cutouts, holes, notches etc fabricated including polished edges, then toughened and finally professionally painted. The glass could be complimented with a hygienic easy clean surface.

Maximun sheet sizes:

Dapple & Mirage – 2134 x 1321mm

Ripple – 2134 x 1521mm

The images show a beautiful metallic gold finish.