Infra Red Ceiling & Wall Heating

New & Economical ways of heating your buildings.

Infra Red Heating Foil is designed to be positioned within your ceiling or walls to create a truly beautiful, invisible, economical, controllable, silent heat within your home or business.

Once installed, the Infra Red heat waves create the most beautiful heating solution, which is likened to being warmed by the sun but without any of the harmful UV rays.

Infra Red heat waves heat objects within a room of a building, including ourselves, but not the air within. One benefit of this is that, unlike traditional heating methods which are convection based, the Infra Red does not move air or create moving dust particles so it is a much healthier solution, particularly for allergy sufferers.

Imagine a heat source that is all of the following – Why not call us today to discuss ways in which we can deliver this to your environment.

Renewable Energy – Eco Friendly – Energy Saving – Money Saving – Health Benefits – Simple or App/Voice Controlled – Totally invisible – Space saving – No odour – Totally silent.

Sun-Light Solutions offer a survey & supply & fit service – The solution is perfect for new build, refurbished, extensions, outdoor rooms – We can even create decorative wall panels with the benefit of the Infra Red heating solution built in. Typically the foil is installed behind new plaster board or other building material and takes up very little space. It is connected to the mains electrical supply via a tested thermostat, which could be a simple on off or dial or programmable thermostats, through to full app controlled via wifi or even by voice controlled solutions such as Google, Alexa, Siri etc.

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