Light-Scene Engine applications

amBX Light-Scene Engine Applications

In Residential

  • Single installation for multi-room control
  • Integrates with 3rd party controllers and automation systems via open http API (REST)
  • Dynamic and interactive Light-Scenes to suit every project
  • Perfect for the media & cinema room, pool area, garden, kitchen, bedroom & bathrooms, home office etc.
  • Unique & Immersive video and audio to light features.

In Hospitality & Venues

  • Sophisticated lighting effects and control without complex programming
  • Rapid setup and Light-Scene selection for every event or show-round
  • Dramatically enhances any audio, video or presentation

In Architectural

  • Cost effective control for architectural installations of any size or shape
  • Adds presence and ambience to buildings and municipal spaces
  • Interactive effects alter with time of day/year, temperature etc.

 In Sensory & Health

  • Unique stimulating or calming lighting effects for health benefits
  • Simple Light-Scene selection for the perfect ambience every time
  • Perfect for sensory areas in education, care homes, hospitals and the home

 In General Commercial

  • Cost effective lighting control for non-technical users in multiple space installations
  • Integrates with 3rd party control and automation systems for upgrades and retro-fit
  • Installations and configurations can be easily managed locally and via internet
  • Perfect for the office, classroom, teaching space, corridors, boardrooms & VC rooms

In Retail & Advertising

  • Centralised and local control for multiple sites
  • Add cost-effective dynamic impact to any outdoor site
  • Schedule Light-Scenes for optimum lighting by time of day, store layout, promotion etc.
  • Optimise energy management throughout the retail space

 In Entertainment & Leisure

  • Unique & dynamic lighting for ever-fresh and exciting effects
  • Simple Light-Scene selection for the perfect ambience every time
  • Perfect for the hotel bars, restaurants, hotel suites, spa’s & lounges
  • Immersive and dynamic impact from video for films to adverts