Yeastar ‘Workplace’ Room Booking System

Looking for a place to meet? With touch screen room displays mounted outside meeting spaces, you can instantly tell the real-time room availability from distinguishable coloured LED indicators even from a distance.

Designed for modern offices and the future of work, Yeastar Workplace is a one-stop workplace scheduling solution for organisations to make better use of their meeting rooms and other workspace resources.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 10.01.32

A better meeting culture starts with scheduling. As the first and integral part introduced, the meeting room booking system is composed of a cloud-based platform, wall mounted touch screen room displays, and smart sensors to help streamline space allocation and save in-person collaboration from unnecessary scheduling conflicts.


Bespoke Decorative Glass for the home or workplace.

Introduced to the Sun-Light Solutions range during 2021.

For many years, glass has been used throughout the home and the commercial sectors but it is only in recent times that glass and mirror have been used as a series of decorative solutions, creating exquisite designs that will compliment any interior design setting.

  • Sun-Light Solutions: Provide bespoke glass splash-backs, work surfaces, doors, shower screens, balustrades, space partitions, mirrors, illuminated recycled glass surfaces etc.

Click here to see the range of Decorative Glass on offer.

Sun-Light Solutions Ltd awarded the Best Lighting Controller 2019.

Sun-Light Solutions Ltd are delighted to be awarded – Best Lighting Controller 2019 for the amBX Light Scene Engine by the Essential Install Magazine.

This year the Smart Building Wards (SBA) was a global networking event and a true celebration of the industry’s excellence.

The aim was to deliver the most representative, inclusive and up to date awards initiative in the AV/install world and create a recognised brand and seal of industry approval for years to come.

The Smart Building awards are open to any company involved in the AV/install industry around the world, from manufacturers whose products have made a difference, distributors that feel they should be rewarded for the value and support they bring to the installer/integrator or indeed system integrators/installers who believe their project should be recognised for excellence.

Sun-Light Solutions are immensely proud to be awarded Best Lighting Controller 2019 with a big thank you to the integrators involved in creating and delivering powerful projects with the amBX Light Scene Engine.

Best Lighting Control
Winner: Sun-Light Solutions
Product: amBX Light Scene Engine


The aim is to deliver the most representative, inclusive and up to date awards initiative in the AV/install world and create a recognised brand and seal of industry approval for years to come.

The Smart Building awards are open to any company involved in the AV/install industry around the world, from manufacturers whose products have made a difference, distributors that feel they should be rewarded for the value and support they bring to the installer/integrator or indeed system integrators/installers who believe their project should be recognised for excellence.

Sun-Light Solutions Ltd will be partnering amBX at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Show

Mail Attachment

Sun-Light Solutions are proud to be exhibiting as partners of amBX UK at this years Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Show at the NEC in Birmingham UK. 26th & 27th March 2019. Booth D1150


Witness how Bio-adaptive lighting can transform care environments for residents, staff and operators. Previously the preserve of expensive and complex technology, a new standard of intelligent control systems and advanced lights now makes it possible to install and manage circadian-supportive lighting in buildings of all sizes.

amBX Smart Core is a leading intelligent system designed for sophisticated lighting control but with easy-to use and even automatic delivery of correct lighting for care environments. amBX is a UK developer of intelligent lighting control systems with experience of hundreds of installations in more than 16 countries. Smart Core is a new generation of smart control systems that brings real intelligence to smart and advanced lighting.

The Bio-enhance lights from Swann Lighting in the UK are designed to deliver the widest spectrum of colour required for true circadian-supportive lighting. The range of luminaires are all capable of producing the precise colour required at certain times of day and in specific environments to ensure that human circadian cycles are supported and maintained without disruption.

By controlling the body`s circadian system, light impacts outcomes in healthcare settings by reducing depression among patients, decreasing length of stay in hospitals, improving sleep and circadian rhythm, lessening agitation among dementia patients, easing pain, and improving adjustment to night-shift work among staff. These outcomes are now possible with efficient and intelligent lighting with full spectrum capability.

amBX partner Sun-Light Solutions have several years of experience in designing and supplying intelligent lighting systems in the care home and other sectors. Sun-Light Solutions will quickly assess your needs and suggest effective and cost-efficient solutions that will enable you achieve the benefits of circadian lighting

We look forward to seeing you there.




Sun-Light Solutions Will Be Exhibiting at Essential Install Live 2017

EI Live

Sun-Light Solutions are proud to be exhibiting at this years Essential Install Live exhibition at Sandown Park Racecourse 10th & 11th of May 2017.

SLS will be exhibiting the “coolest lighting controller on the planet” the amBX Light-Scene Engine, offering audio & video to light effects along with much more from the multi-Space lighting control system.

We are also looking to impress with the company’s brand new product. A range of attractive, bespoke hand blown glass chandeliers designed and produced in the UK. Building on over thirty-years’ experience of working with blown glass, the chandeliers are illuminated by LED modules and can be white, warm white, colour tuneable, RGB or RGBW and can also be controlled in a number of ways.

Each piece can be controlled together so that the whole chandelier is the same colour or SLS can enable a unique amBX experience, where the company designs the chandelier to be divided up into different sections allowing for lighting effects flowing throughout the length of the chandelier. The lights can be controlled to music or video feeds or a series of beautifully designed ambient light scenes can viewed in the chandelier.

In addition, SLS will be showing the Digital Light Surface, offering animated art from digital light for any environment.

Find out more on Stand 143.


Sun-Light Solutions delivers Amazon Echo integration to amBX.

Sun-Light Solutions integrators can now leverage the Alexa Voice Service to provide next generation voice control of amBX Light Scene Engine.

Setting new standards of intelligent lighting control for today’s most demanding projects. amBX Light-Scene Engine, the IP based, multi-room lighting control engine has been designed and developed to transport intelligent and intuitive lighting control to new levels.

Along with third party control via the likes of AMX, Crestron, Control4, DemoPad, Lutron QS and bespoke apps from Sun-Light Solutions the addition of Alexa Voice Control takes control to new levels of integration through to the connected home and business.

Fully customise amBX scenes to a clients lifestyle, is made very easily once set up, just speak the words and your amBX will respond immediately, offering unparalleled simplicity, power, customisation and delivery.

Call Sun-Light Solutions for further details +44 (0)7887 634990

Echo Image.001

Sun Light Solutions announces new integration capability for Lutron Homeworks QS with amBX Lighting Control.

SunLight Solutions and the manufacturer amBX, announce the availability of a new integration driver for the market-leading Lutron Homeworks QS system with the amBX lighting effects generator and can be seen on demonstration at the magnificent Pulse Cinema showrooms (image below) in Stansted, UK.

Pulse Staircase

The amBX integration driver was created for SLS by Andy Casey of DemoPad. Andy has many years experience with Lutron technology and has an in-depth knowledge of the amBX solutions, so the Lutron developments were a natural progresion.

This latest development allows full integration of amBX Light-Scene Engine into a Lutron Homeworks QS system and opens up the entire dynamic and interactive lighting experiences possible from the amBX system.

The world of mood, ambience, entertainment and coloured lighting effects are now available with this new and exciting addition, being easy to integrate into the Lutron QS for the installers and easy control by the user.

amBX Light-Scene Engine works with any number of DMX controlled lights and now, designs and installations based on Lutron QS will no longer be restricted to a limited capability of this type of lighting. Whether it’s for a single room or to add a deeper ambience to multiple spaces, a new range of possibilities with lighting is now achievable within a Lutron QS system.

Neil MacDonald, COO amBX, commented “We’ve been looking to add amBX capabilities into a Lutron system design for some time. This development makes it a seamless experience for the user and we’re excited at the breadth of posibility this opens up for designers and installers”

Kevin Martin, MD of SunLight Solutions added “Installers have been asking for a true integration solution so that they can add the excitement of amBX into Lutron projects. I’m delighted this is now posible, we already have new dealers with new projects on the strength of this facility”

Call Sun Light Solutions on +44 (0)7887 634990 to become involved.


Sun-Light Solutions sponsor the ‘Intelligent Interior show’

Showing amBX connected lighting for the residential market at this central London event.

Interior Design today, goes beyond deciding the colours of the walls, the type of flooring a house will have, or what the soft furnishings and curtains will look like. Designing the interior of a home is designing a life style. Knowing how to include into this vision all audiovisual equipment and the wonders it can offer, is as essential as taking into account the plumbing and heating.


Register for free here –

More details here –

Changing the mood of a room through the clever programming of its lighting, is a must for the modern interior design. An insight on how hard and soft surfaces might influence the acoustics of a room, could make or break an immersive sound setting.

And finally, the much talked about Internet of Things (IoT), which is changing the way we live. IoT is more than all equipment and appliances in the home communicating with each other and working together. Interconnectivity allows interiors to learn about their inhabitants becoming intelligent and an integral part of life.

At ‘The Intelligent Interior,’ a group of top specialist will share their knowledge and experiences in the subject.

This is a must attend event for all interior designers, architects, consultants and specifiers that not only want to offer value add to their clients, but also want to stay ahead of the crowd.

IP Connected Keypad Controllers for amBX Lighting.

Sun-Light Solutions has partnered with SY Electronics to provide simple but effective, Ethernet wall/furniture switches to control the amBX Light-Scene Engine.

The wall switches are a smart advancement for connected lighting, allowing the lighting scene required to be selected as you enter the room. Or the switches can be built into furniture such as a lectern, podium, credenza etc.


The SY-KP Series Keypad Controllers provide a complete range of simple to use and easy to install Keypads for media displays and associated AV equipment control which now has the ability to control the lighting scene and brightness selection of amBX lighting controls.

The SY Keypad Controllers feature soft touch buttons and a host of device connection ports suitable for all common and many more advanced applications.

The SY Keypad Controllers feature ethernet, bi-directional serial or infra-red ports, input detection ports, output ports for relay control, USB configuration, and low voltage power making them the most powerful devices available in their class. The SY Device Suite software provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for configuring the SY-KP Series Controllers to respond just the way you want. The amBX module is now added to the Device Suite library for easy integration.

Each button on the SY Keypad Controllers features a tri-colour LED to allow feedback colour or state to be programmed or change on receipt of information back from the bi-directional serial ports. With a range of Keypad Controllers available ‘V’ models also feature a Rotary Volume Control, which acts as a brightness control for amBX, with level indication derived directly from the device being controlled.

For the user each button can be programmed to perform multiple functions and is the ideal solution to replace multiple handsets whilst providing a permanent location for the point of control, saving lost or misplaced handsets and there’s no more running out of batteries just when you need the system to work.

The SY Keypad Controllers also fit in standard UK and European size back boxes and are supplied in a modern smooth matt white finish that is resistant to finger marks yet easily wiped clean and aluminium finish.


Sun-Light Solutions takes amBX into the future

Sun-Light Solutions takes amBX into the future.

amBX has reaffirmed their partnership with Sun-Light Solutions as its exclusive Distributor for the AV & Custom Install market in the UK & Europe. Following a successful few years which has seen the introduction of a new generation of amBX lighting control technology, Sun-Light Solutions will continue to support dealers looking to deliver the unique capabilities of amBX to add value to their projects and client experience.

Neil MacDonald, COO of amBX says “SLS have done a great job for us in supporting the channel and we are delighted to have affirmed the continuation of the partnership. We recognise the critical need for understanding what the channel and installers need and Kevin brings that to amBX through our partnership”.