Illuminated Recycled Glass

Beautifully Illuminated Recycled Glass

Sun-Light Solutions represents one of the most innovative, pioneering and cutting edge solutions for the construction, design and architecture sectors. It is a material that is made from 100% recycled waste and can be returned to the glass production cycle after use. The use of this material allows creative freedom and functionality.

Beautifully illuminated & bespoke circular breakfast bar complete with bespoke circular flat panel LED light built into a Corian top. Light is controlled via a remote control. Close up of surface below.

Due to the unique arrangement of the recycled glass, you will always find a one-of-a-kind product that is unique in the world. Many hours of work go into every product that is created. The product is largely hand finished when it is precision cut, painstakingly sanded and meticulously polished. The attention to detail, the recycled material, the complex and environmentally friendly production process make this product something very special. A transfixing three dimensional effect is created when illuminated.

The main advantage of using this solution is not only its invaluable contribution to supporting the environment but the designer has the flexibility to chose a unique, exclusive and durable material that is produced under EU quality standards.

Recycled Glass in Brass trim

The recycled glass is produced in a range of different colours, Polar White, Green, Black, Jade, Sky Blue, Blue, Brown plus a new clear finish. The glass can be used with or without illuminating through the rear of the glass. Often used as splashbacks or indeed worktops, circular breakfast bars, the rear of drinks cabinets, bathroom features or used as the surface of furniture, be that a coffee table, dining table, bar top, illuminated lighting features. The use is limitless.

The material can be cut to size and shape including the fabrication of cut outs, holes etc.

Black Kitchen

We offer raw panels – with a maximum dimension of 2800 x 1250 mm (up to 3500 x 1500 mm on request) and a standard thickness of 20 mm (15-40 mm on request) – as well as specially cut panels for any type of object, be it in the interior design sector or as a facade.

 Blue Table

Create a stunning diffused lighting effect which avoids dazzle. We use UK, custom designed and produced LED light panels, which are fabricated to the size and shape of the glass and mounted to the rear of the glass. The light panels at a staggering 5mm depth can be a range of colour temperature settings or colour tuneable or indeed colour change. We can offer just on and off features or remote control dimming and light level setting. The solution can be controlled via voice control or controlled via the likes of Lutron, Crestron, DemoPad, Rako or amBX lighting control solutions. We will work with you regards the right solution for you.

Open pinholes and little bubbles can occur due to the natural recycled characteristic of the material with the polished and honed surface, these conforms to a standard finish. The glass is none porous and hard-waring although it is a none toughened solution.

The recycled glass is not only geared towards interior cladding and features, it is a perfect material for external facade and surfaces. Here it not only presents itself as a sustainable option with added optical qualities, but also offers additional technical and performance advantages. The solution has an FR class of A1 (non combustible) and is fully frost resistant; it is also impermeable to staining. During the production process we use no epoxy resins or adhesives and so the glass-like surface stands resistant against outside influences such as acid rain and UV damage. The materials colour is stable through its entire life which is imperative for facade uses.

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