3D Corian Surfaces

A revolution in surface design technology.

Mario Romano has revolutionised design technology with a patented manufacturing process, to create a unique fabrication which is visually engaging and tactile, like nothing else out there on the market.

Combined with the versatile properties of Corian solid surface, M|R Walls can be used in a wide variety of applications, internally and externally.  This non-porous, low-maintenance, non-toxic product is waterproof, hygienic, Class A fire rated, UV resistant and requires no grout. Allowing you to create eye-catching, elegant schemes safe in the knowledge that whatever the environment your M|R Wall will stand the test.

Be inspired and change the way you see surfaces. Whether an architect, artist, designer or fabricator, we encourage you to see your surface as a canvas and M|R Walls as the art.

Using the latest parametric computing and CNC machining technology, each piece connects together like a large puzzle to create a seamless, multidimensional wall. This allows you to get creative on a massive scale, without arduous and expensive installs.

Create the most beautiful media walls with MR Walls unique, non repetitive, nature inspired designs, taking your media wall design to the next level. Unique texture and sophistication, surface or back illuminated for truly defined spaces.