Glass Chandeliers

Bespoke glass chandeliers designed and produced in the UK for discerning clients worldwide.

Working in partnership with a UK based designer, luxury hand blown glass Chandeliers can be produced to clients specification, dependant upon the space the Chandelier is to be created for.

25 spike chandelier in purple - detail

Please find the pdf brochure – chandeliers product sheet

Building on over thirty years experience of working with blown glass, we combine this beautiful material, skilled craftsmanship and the latest technologies to create a unique range of glass Chandeliers.

The Chandeliers are illuminated by high quality LED modules and can be either white, warm white, colour tuneable, RGB or RGBW and can be controlled in a number of ways.

Each piece can be controlled together so that the whole Chandelier is the same colour or we can enable a truly unique amBX experience, where we would design the Chandelier to be divided up into different sections and allow for mesmerising lighting effects throughout the length of the Chandelier. The lights can be controlled to a music or video feed or a beautifully designed ambient light scene can viewed in the Chandelier.

By the bespoke nature of these beautiful chandeliers, please be aware that typically there is a 14 week lead time from order to delivery of each chandelier.