Sun-Light Solutions Ltd will be partnering amBX at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Show

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Sun-Light Solutions are proud to be exhibiting as partners of amBX UK at this years Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Show at the NEC in Birmingham UK. 26th & 27th March 2019. Booth D1150


Witness how Bio-adaptive lighting can transform care environments for residents, staff and operators. Previously the preserve of expensive and complex technology, a new standard of intelligent control systems and advanced lights now makes it possible to install and manage circadian-supportive lighting in buildings of all sizes.

amBX Smart Core is a leading intelligent system designed for sophisticated lighting control but with easy-to use and even automatic delivery of correct lighting for care environments. amBX is a UK developer of intelligent lighting control systems with experience of hundreds of installations in more than 16 countries. Smart Core is a new generation of smart control systems that brings real intelligence to smart and advanced lighting.

The Bio-enhance lights from Swann Lighting in the UK are designed to deliver the widest spectrum of colour required for true circadian-supportive lighting. The range of luminaires are all capable of producing the precise colour required at certain times of day and in specific environments to ensure that human circadian cycles are supported and maintained without disruption.

By controlling the body`s circadian system, light impacts outcomes in healthcare settings by reducing depression among patients, decreasing length of stay in hospitals, improving sleep and circadian rhythm, lessening agitation among dementia patients, easing pain, and improving adjustment to night-shift work among staff. These outcomes are now possible with efficient and intelligent lighting with full spectrum capability.

amBX partner Sun-Light Solutions have several years of experience in designing and supplying intelligent lighting systems in the care home and other sectors. Sun-Light Solutions will quickly assess your needs and suggest effective and cost-efficient solutions that will enable you achieve the benefits of circadian lighting

We look forward to seeing you there.