Infra-Red Heating Panels

The world’s most cost effective, stylish and healthy heating solution!

Experience it, with cusomisable Infrared Heating technology brought to you by Sun-Light Solutions Ltd.


Designed and manufactured in Germany with technological excellence and precision in mind whilst being one of the most efficient and economical forms of heating.

Running costs of a 600mm x 600mm panel is 25p per eight hour of use!

The functional design is the outstanding feature of Welltherm’s infra-Red heating panels. They integrate into any environment by mounting onto a wall like a picture or indeed into the ceiling and emphasize your taste in interior design. The heating systems combine all the positive characteristics of the infrared heating technology combined with elegance and your personal touch.

Welltherm radiators enable cost-effective heating into a soothing, elegant and comfortable living/work space, simply connect to the mains electric or interface with home/business automation systems.

For use in the home, office, school, University, bar, club, cafe, restaurant, garage, workshop, canteen, saunas, gym, boat/marine, shop, sports hall, care homes, hotel rooms, halls of residence, church, garden room, home office, corridors, reception areas – Any room/space that requires warming.