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Sun-Light Solutions creates the Control4 Driver Module for amBX LSE.

Sun-Light Solutions creates the Control4 Driver Module for amBX LSE.

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Alan Chow of Chowmain says – “10 out of 10 stars.  amBX integration with Control4 offers seamless lighting scenes to match the perfect high-end environment.”

Collaboration between Sun-Light Solutions, Chowmain NZ & amBX UK delivers the Control4 driver module for the amBX Light-Scene Engine, the IP based DMX LED lighting control system, famous for controlling lights to video and audio content for cinema, media rooms etc.

The new generation amBX is a hugely extended & scalable system, perfect for controlling lights within multiple spaces (up-to 32 spaces) in the home, office, meeting rooms, classrooms, teaching spaces, event spaces, bars, clubs and restaurants amongst many others – Offering multi DMX universe support for the larger systems.
Chowmain, a world renowned creator of Control4 drivers for some of the worlds leading brands, has seamlessly developed the integration driver for the Light-Scene Engine. The driver has been developed for Control4 OS version 2.6.0 running on the new T3 series, iPhones, iPads etc.The integration features include user selection of space, Light-Scene, brightness & saturation.The driver is exclusively available from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd, please contact for further information – – +44 (0)7887 634990Chowmain Logo Medium
Light-Scene Engine Driver.

o Definable IP Address

o Definable Poll interval

o Definable Space selection

o Definable Brightness

o Definable Saturation

Light Scene Driver

o Ability to bind to slot in engine driver (1-24)

o Automatic Naming of light scenes (pulls name from engine)

o Definable Colour (via colour wheel)

2 way feedback

o Driver will turn on the current scene and off scenes that are not on for that space.


Meeting Space

Sun-Light Solutions delivers new casual meeting furniture

Defining modern spaces requires a fresh approach, which is why we have developed our products to simplify how spaces are used, making those spaces flexible and easier to engage with on a day to day basis. Dynamic functionality is a balance between people, product, and technology. The casual meeting space furniture aims to encourage inclusive meetings in spaces enabled by wireless technology, while providing exclusive opportunities for group discussion or personal time.

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Meeting Space Furniture


Sun-Light Solutions dealer at&c to showcase amBX at Sleep

Sun-Light Solutions dealer at&c of London, will be showcasing, for the first time, the amBX Light-Scene Engine to the hotel market at Sleep, The Hotel Design Event, Business Design Centre, London, 26-27 November 2014.

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We are delighted to be involved in the event where at&c will feature the brand new ‘Circadian’ Light-Scene amongst other Light-Scenes. The scene delivers the right light, at the right time of day, to assist in the correction of the natural body clock by the use of light: a huge benefit to long distance travellers using hotel rooms as well as people in care homes and hospitals.

The Light-Scene will run on a schedule within the Light-Scene Engine and can be overridden at any time by choosing another scene; by choosing the schedule button again will trigger the scene which will fall back to the correct time of day through the use of the engines real time clock mechanism.

The amBX lighting control system is a multifunctional tool for delivering the most diverse of Light-Scenes for many different applications within a hotel. From bedroom lighting to the event space; bar; restaurant; spa or corridor to outdoor lighting or even the screening room, where fully immersive lighting can be achieved. From the control of simple intelligent white lights to multi-coloured lights, which can work in conjunction to music and/or video content to creating mood enhancing ambient Light-Scenes, amBX has it all.

The amBX is controlled via iPad apps, Colourscaper & Live, both will be on show at the event. The lighting used will be wireless DMX & battery powered, meaning no cables, these are easy to use and deploy in any location, in an instant.

Make sure you make the trip to the Sleep Event to find out what it’s all about. at&c staff and the amBX system can be found at the entrance to the conferencing area.



Crestron control for amBX Light-Scene Engine

Automation specialist Ultamation in Liverpool UK have created a Crestron control module for the new generation amBX Light-Scene Engine. The module has been deployed by Smartcomm into a smart apartment in London to great effect.

The current module offers Light-Scene selection, space selection with brightness & saturation control. In addition the selection of a single colour Light-Scene offers RGB sliders to create your desired colour.


Sun-Light Solutions transforms the new Asco Venue.

Sun-Light Solutions have taken the Asco venue to a whole new level! Using amBX lighting control technology in conjunction with high quality RGB LED lighting, 8 way DMX drivers and fabulous lighting design, Asco are now able to demonstrate a live show venue environment to their clients at the push of a button.

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Lifehouse Sensory room

Sun-Light Solutions dealer ‘Little Islands’ supporting Dementia care.

David Cameron recently described dementia as “one of the greatest enemies of humanity” and has pledged to increase funding for dementia research and to make new drugs more accessible, as part of a “big, bold global push” to beat the disease.

Little Islands have a passion for providing environments and activities that will enrich the lives of people living with dementia, giving fun, fulfilment, happiness, and fewer feelings of isolation. Through the use of controlled light, smell, sound, vision and touch, they have created a safe sensory haven called Lifehouse.

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Meeting Room Solution

Light’s white… right?

Sun-Light Solutions dealer Saville Audio Visual showing the way forwards in the education market.

It goes without saying that everyday light is white…isn’t it? It may be true that there are different shades of light and these all have a slightly different hue. We tend to think of lighting in a room environment as either bright or varying shades of dark and colour is usually subliminally overlooked.

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